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Four Life-Changing Trips for Solo Female Travelers

These itineraries empower and unite women worldwide. It’s no secret that women traveling alone is on-the-rise. According to research from online-booking software provider TrekkSoft, the search term “solo female travel” grew by 52 percent between 2016 and 2017, while a majority of travel agents noted more women take solo trips than men, according to a poll conducted by Travel Guard. “Women aren’t waiting until the kids are grown – they’re working and need that time away,” says Judi Glass, a Virtuoso travel advisor. Solo trips allow the female traveler to pursue her own interests without worrying about anyone else. And the right getaway can literally be life-changing, Glass says: “Exercise, nu

88 Ways to Give the Gift of Travel

My good friend and colleague, Grace Cular Lee with Pineapple7 Travel wrote this great blog post about the Gift of Travel and was nice enough to add some of the ideas I gave her to her list. Please read below for some incredible ideas and inspiration that I would love to help plan for you and your family, friends, colleagues and events. "If happiness is a journey, shouldn’t you plan more journeys? Studies continue to reveal that experiences bring people more joy than material possessions. So the secret to happiness really isn’t a secret after all… it’s about enjoying the gift of time. Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, has been studying the question of money