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Dream of Adventure

We all have that big adventure we’ve really wanted to go on, but have put off for one reason or another over the years. The opportunity will always be there, we tell ourselves. If there’s one thing we know after seeing life abruptly come to a halt, it’s that things can change in a hurry and nothing is truly guaranteed. Once it’s safe to travel again, it’s time to take that adventure. And the time to start dreaming about it and planning it is now. As part of our “Travel Dreaming” series, Dr. Travel, aka Paul Largay, one of the owners of the agency I partner my business with, spoke with three people who know their way around an adventure and whom I know well and have used for my clients travel

Destinations to Practice Social Distancing Outside

We’re all eager to travel somewhere besides the backyard or the basement, but people are definitely going to be very cautious even when venturing out again. Domestic travel is going to restart ahead of international travel, and at first a lot of people might stick to places they can drive to in a few hours’ time before flying, even as airlines continue their vigorous sanitization efforts. We want our travelers to be safe first and foremost, so we have some tips on how to social distance while traveling. Wine Country California’s Napa and Sonoma valleys get the most publicity, and with good reason because there are some great wines and wonderful places to enjoy them along with some great view

Here’s what travel will look like going forward

Largay Travel, (my business partner agency), held its annual retreat last week — virtually, of course. And while the distance toned down the usual revelry, if only slightly, it was wonderful to get together with friends and colleagues. Of course, we’ve all been meeting up regularly for Friday night dance parties and Meditation Mondays, it was oddly freeing to sit down and talk business with our supplier partners. And the overall message was a resounding one: Travel will be back. When it returns, travelers will be seeking remoteness and getting back to nature. “These kinds of trips that are off the beaten path, more isolated, this is going to become the new normal,” Big Five Tours & Expeditio