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Our Trip to Montauk During Covid

Have you traveled yet this summer during the pandemic? Maybe you're waiting until this all rolls over? I'm hoping with this blog post about our recent trip to Montauk that you will see you can still get away in a very safe and social distancing way, even at a resort. At the beginning of June my husband and I decided we needed to get away as a family. Due to certain family circumstances we couldn't go by plane, (not due to the virus), but we could try something new not far from home. Both of us had never been to Montauk and there were a couple of resorts I wanted to see and try that my agency works closely with. So, with that said we arranged our stay three weeks later at Gurney's and L

Ranches Around the U.S.

We’ve always been drawn to the cowboy life. Big sky, wide open spaces, fresh air, the crackle of a campfire. You can spend all day out in nature and all night gazing up at the stars. It’s always been a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Now our lives have a different rhythm, but the desire to escape is more powerful than ever. These ranches across the U.S. provide a slice of the simple life. Montana Big Sky Country is teeming with mountains, rivers and all sorts of natural beauty. It’s also home to a trio of Virtuoso-preferred ranches: The Resort at Paws Up, Triple Creek Ranch and The Ranch at Rock Creek. Not only are these resorts full of activities, they can serve as your g

Where to Travel During a Pandemic

As social distancing becomes the norm, summer travel is likely going to be roadtrips, outdoor fun with travelers staying closer to home and traveling for shorter periods of time. Here are great spots for traveling this summer with wide-open space that offer getting off the grid like at Camp Sarika, which are hip ten canvas-topped pavilions that elevate glamping to new heights amid a stunning landscape of towering mesas, slot canyons and rust-colored sands. Imagine going behind the Barricades at the Grand Canyon and embarking on a hike led by an expert naturalist guide who– unlike other guides in the area– is credentialed to travel behind the barricades and provide access to less-visited vis