Cruise Lines Cleaning Procedures and Cancellation Policies

Here you can find updates on the cruise lines and their new cleaning procedures, as well as their new flexible cancellation policies moving forward with future cruises, even into 2021.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Cunard Cruise Line:

Extends pause of operations until July 31st, 2020 and 2020 Alaska season.

"Expanding travel restrictions, extended closures of ports and limited air travel have continued to impact us and the travel industry as a whole. We anticipate that this will continue, for some time to come.

We are therefore further extending our pause in operations for all sailings on Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria departing up to and including July 31, 2020. For Queen Elizabeth, maintaining a shorter summer season in Alaska would unfortunately not have made these voyages viable, so we are taking a practical decision to cancel her entire Alaska season and all departures up to and including September 8, 2020."


NON Covid-19 Cancelations will now have the option of an Future Cruise Credit (FCC) or  receive a Refund less any applicable cancellation fees.

Due to increasing number of constraints linked to COVID-19 we have made the decision to lay up all our ships starting March 15. For most accurate updates on cruises PONANT is forced to cancel– contact Ponant Reservations Department or our website:


Guests booked on canceled sailings will receive a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) of 120% of cruise fare to transfer to another PONANT or Paul Gauguin cruise within 24 months of the original date of sailing.
        a. Guests may transfer their FCC to a Family Member as long as sailing takes place within 24 months of original               sailing date.

➢ PONANT Reservations Department must be notified by Travel Advisor, via email, of intentions to transfer to a family member when alternate cruise is chosen.

Non-COVID-19 Bookings - Canceled by Travel Advisor
1. Guests whose Travel Advisor cancels a booking on a sailing which is not impacted by COVID-19 is also eligible to transfer the funds to another future cruise without penalty.
2. Or if undecided, guests can receive a Future Cruise Credit of 120% of the cruise fare, valid for 24 months.
       a. This FCC may be transferred to a Family member
3. If the guest does not want the 120% FCC, their advisor can request a refund of the monies paid, after deduction of applicable penalties, based on PONANT’s

Princess Cruise Line:

Let me begin by saying that the Diamond Princess had 697 passengers test positive with 4 dead and here is how they got this ship back up to being safe to sail on again.  "Belfor Property Restoration are the ones responsible for going in and cleaning the ship after they docked.  They did what they always do; they followed protocols set by industrial hygienists, Japanese authorities and WHO. But this is not something new to us. This is what we do all day, every day — hazmat and hazmat work.  For this, it was a Level 3, [meaning] confirmed exposure. So my team followed all of our safety protocols and approached different areas of the ship based on those. In the rooms and cabins, we had to remove mattresses, bedding, towels, and dispose of all cloth goods. We had to remove all of the kitchen utensils that may have been in there.

Once everything was removed, we begin our cleaning process of the rooms. We had to barricade off things as soon as they were completed. We had to almost engineer our approach in advance, so we would end up where we needed to be without re-contaminating any room. Imagine the hallways — we had to make sure we cleaned them and had an access route to move through without going back through the hallway.

Then it was cleared by officials and WHO to set sail."

Princess Cruise Line Update:

Making Travel More Flexible and Less Worrisome

Putting your health and happiness first

We love helping you connect to unique destinations and each other but understand you may have concerns about booking a cruise right now.

That’s where Cruise with Confidence comes in. It’s our way of reassuring you that when you’re ready to sail again, we’ll make sure it’s as safe as possible. And you can book now with even greater flexibility and travel protection.

So dream on. Make plans. And let’s look forward to exploring this big beautiful world together soon.


Keeping You Safe and Healthy

We’re working with public health officials, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, to devise and implement best practices to protect the health of our guests and crew. That means everything from enhanced screening before embarkation to additional sanitization measures on board our ships. People come first, always.

Pre Cruise - Changing Itineraries: We constantly monitor the global health map and cancel or modify itineraries to impacted areas. We also prevent guests and crew who have recently traveled through these high-risk locations from boarding. For a current list, see our full Health Advisory (PDF).

Enhancing Health Requirements:  We will deny boarding to guests and crew if they:

  • Have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 or a person being monitored for COVID-19.

  • Are suffering from a fever or flu-like symptoms prior to embarkation.

  • Have an underlying, severe, chronic medical condition.

Embarkation - Stepping Up Screenings:  At embarkation, we’ll require all guests and crew to participate in mandatory health screenings, which may include a thermal scan to check temperatures, and in some cases secondary screenings. Depending on the results, we will deny certain individuals boarding if we feel they could pose a risk to others.


Enhancing Sanitation Procedures in Embarkation Terminals:  Enhancing Sanitation Procedures in Embarkation Terminals Beginning in select terminals on March 7, 2020, highly touched surfaces throughout each embarkation terminal will be sanitized continuously, and terminals will be thoroughly sanitized and, where possible, fogged before and after each embarkation and debarkation.


On Board - Cleaning Everything:  In addition to the rigorous daily cleaning regimen we already have, we are establishing additional sanitation measures on all our ships, which include sanitizing frequently touched surfaces in all public areas – from tables and chairs to casino chips and fitness machines – even more often than we did before.

Free Flowing Hand Sanitizer: We already have hand-washing sinks or hand sanitizer dispensers in front of entrances to all dining venues and the buffet. Crew will monitor entrances to all venues to encourage all guests wash their hands before entering. We are also adding additional hand sanitizer dispensers in high-traffic areas around the ship.

Keeping Our Crew Healthy:  Each day, we are raising awareness daily of how to maintain a healthy environment on board by reinforcing frequent hand-washing, avoiding hand contact, reporting guests who present signs of illness and more. We will also more actively enforce crew hand-washing and provide more hand sanitizers in crew areas.

Revising Medical Protocols and Staying Prepared: Every Princess ship sails with a highly capable medical team that will receive special training for COVID-19. Any guest or crew member who exhibits symptoms of respiratory illness will strongly be encouraged to visit the Medical Center for a complimentary consultation and, if appropriate, screening for COVID-19.

Additional Information - 24/7 Monitoring and Preparedness: Our team monitors world health developments from our state-of-the-art Fleet Operations Center in Santa Clarita, California, and offices around the world 24-7. We are also in close contact with major health agencies, medical experts and partners in the travel industry so we can act quickly to revise plans and protocols as the situation evolves.

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Your health is in your hands – literally!
Here are some healthy travel habits from the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  1. Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds. This is especially important to do after using the restroom and before dining.

  2. Supplement hand washing by regularly using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  3. Avoid close contact with people suffering from respiratory illness.

  4. Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze using a tissue or your bent elbow.

  5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

  6. Get vaccinated against seasonal influenza.

  7. Where possible, use your elbow or knuckle instead of your hand to operate frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and elevator buttons.

Don’t forget:
While on board, if you experience any symptoms of respiratory illness, contact the Medical Center for a complimentary consultation.

Cancellation Policy:

How do you travel with greater certainty in uncertain times? Flexibility. Book any cruise that sails July through October 15, 2020 and should you need to cancel, you will receive the full amount you have paid either as a Future Cruise Credit and/or as a refund to the original form of payment method. Learn more about how we’ve changed our policies to make you feel more comfortable planning your next vacation.

Learn more about how Princess is making it easier to change plans

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line:

Here are the new procedures for all Royal, Celebrity and Azamara cruise lines (sister companies) as of April 18th.:


Starting March 16th, 2020, in order to sail:

  • Any guests age 70 or older at the time of embarkation, must present a written verification from a qualified physician certifying that the person has no severe, chronic medical condition and is fit to travel.
    Download the required physician letter here:

  • Additionally, any person with a severe, chronic medical condition, including those specified by the CDC - i.e. chronic heart, lung, liver, or kidney disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, or cancer - will be unable to sail.

  • If a guest is unable to provide a "fit to travel" letter from their physician, or has a compromising medical condition, we'll provide them with a Future Cruise Credit to come back and sail with us at a later time.

Currently regardless of nationality, boarding will be denied to:

  1. Any person who has traveled from, to or through mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Italy, Iran, or South Korea, or Europe (excluding United Kingdom) 15 days prior to embarkation. Click here for the list of European countries

  2. Any person who has come in contact with anyone with 15-day prior travel to mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Italy, Iran, or South Korea or Europe (refer to the above link). The CDC characterizes contact with an individual as coming within six feet (2M) of a person

  3. Any person who within 15 days prior to embarkation, has had contact with, or helped care for, anyone suspected or diagnosed as having COVID-19, or who are currently subject to health monitoring for possible exposure to COVID-19.

  4. Additionally, for Caribbean Itineraries only: The above parameters will also include the countries of Japan, Singapore and Taiwan long with travel or contact occurring 21-days prior to embarkation.


On all Royal Caribbean International ships, mandatory temperature screenings will be conducted for all guests and crewmembers on embarkation day. If your temperature is above 100.4°F or 38° C, you and those in your party will undergo a secondary health screening. Temperatures will be taken with a digital, no-touch thermometer. So, no need to worry.

Additionally, secondary, enhanced health screenings will be performed on:

        • Any person who reports feeling unwell or displays flu-like symptoms.

        • Any person who has traveled from, to or through Japan or Thailand in the 15 days prior to embarkation.

        • Any person who is uncertain about contact with individuals who have traveled in the 15 days prior to embarkation from, to or through mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Japan, or Thailand.

        • In some cases, guests presenting certain symptoms in the specialized health screenings may be denied boarding.

        • For Caribbean Itineraries Only: Secondary health screening parameters will include the countries of France, Germany, Spain and Thailand for travel or contact occurring 20-days prior to embarkation.

All guests who are denied boarding due to these restrictions will receive compensation. Additional restrictions may be imposed based on local circumstances. For example, certain countries may deny visas or prohibit entry based on travel history or nationality.

We have rigorous medical protocols in place to help guests and crew members who feel unwell while sailing. Our protocols include professional medical treatment; isolation of unwell individuals from the general ship population; and intensified ship cleaning, air filtration, and sanitization procedures.

We are assessing developments constantly and will update these measures as needed. Guests with questions may contact the customer care departments of our individual cruise lines or their travel professionals.