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Not only do we have experience with exclusive luxury travel amenities and planning, but we are also a member of Virtuoso and have great relationships with many luxury brand hotels. This allows us to give our clients complimentary amenities that you would not be able to receive on your own. 

What is Virtuoso?

Virtuoso is a network of the best luxury travel agencies, with more than 15,200 advisors worldwide. We represent the best of the best in travel, with a portfolio of nearly 1,700 preferred partners - top hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and more. We use our global connections to plan the most memorable experiences for our clients, from weekend getaways to dream vacations. 

Because our agency earns over 6 million annually and we do a great deal of exclusive luxury travel amenities, we have relationships with these luxury brands and can offer with your stay: 

- Complimentary upgrade upon arrival

- Complimentary daily breakfast for two

- $100 resort food, beverage, and/or spa credit (varies, depending on hotel)

- Early check in/Late check out

- Free Wi-Fi

**If you stay at a Dorchester property, we can guarantee you a complimentary upgrade upon arrival, because we are Black Diamond status**

Even if we book you at a hotel, resort, villa or on an excursion that is not one of our partner hotels or a Virtuoso property, what we do is reach out to our representatives or managers for wherever our clients are going.  This makes the employee's aware that we have a very important client coming to visit.  In our experience, what we find is that the employees are much more attentive to our clients when we do this and really go above and beyond to make them feel like VIP and will still throw in complimentary amenities, just because.  That is the difference in booking with Your Wish Travel Co. and booking on your own.