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Ever hear about how some people travel for free and wondered how?  Would you like to travel for free?  What if I can not only have you travel for free, but also help you earn some extra money?  Here's how we can work together, so I can help you get both!

We have been helping individuals and associations to create a group; it can be a group of friends, family, colleagues, members of your church, golf club, yacht club or even your yoga class to offer them unique ways

to enjoy food, wine, endless water sports and more. We can even customize it according to your group 'theme'.  Do you think they would appreciate an opportunity to participate in exciting and distinctive travel experiences?







My agency partners with everyday people, as well as club members, business owners and managers to host private charters or group travel on smaller yachts and river cruises. We handle all of the travel planning arrangements so that you can focus on spending time with your family or deepening the bond with clients or members of your club. For businesses and clubs, that are taking advantage of this opportunity, are experiencing amazing results with their clients and we want to do the same with you.

Smaller yacht cruising is hugely popular since you can visit smaller ports with none to little tourists, it offers more privacy, as well as less people onboard, while offering a unique way to see the world. People are going on yacht and river cruises in droves. Why not organize and host a wine or food themed cruise or members/families traveling together in the Caribbean or Mediterranean and benefit in multiple ways? Maybe you want to see a Regatta race altogether or celebrate a special birthday or anniversary? Whatever type of group or charter you would like to create we'll do all the work; you just invite people to come along. Maybe it's your spin class, golf buddies or knitting club. There's many ways we can put this together.

I would love to schedule a time to speak with you more about how we can partner together for a mutually beneficial, win-win arrangement by offering enticing options for your friends, family and customers. What a great addition to your events page!

Now is the time to consider something new, exciting and different - a 2021/22 yacht or river cruise to a beautiful destination. I promise it will be worthwhile and a great and easy way to make some extra money AND travel for free!

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