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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
- Mark Twain

Your Wish Travel Co. provides you with professional, personalized, private luxury yacht charter services of the highest caliber for you and your guests.

Let us take care of every detail of your charter from start to docking; including all of yours and your guests pre and post flights, accommodations, the charter itself, excursions and post charter travel.  Our agency is preferred with all of the luxury hotels and resorts allowing us to add VIP, complimentary amenities to your stay on land.

We take the time to learn about you and what your needs and wants are, so that we can choose the best vessel for your occasion.  We can assist with having 2 - 15 people on 3 - 7 day charters, as well as 64 - 300 people on 3 - 10 day charters in the Caribbean, Europe, Transatlantic, Antarctica and Alaska.

All of the luxury yachts are small enough to fit into any port of your choosing.  Not only that, but you won't have to worry about paying a la carte along the way.  Each private luxury yacht charter is inclusive of all meals, beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic), wine pairings with the chef, local entertainment onboard, golf simulator, movie nights, all water sport toys and bikes, and more. 

Listen to our interview for information and benefits of a small yacht charter for 2 - 12 people:



  • Team Building for your company with your company logo on the yacht

  • Reward your best employees and/or customers

  • Milestone celebrations - Birthday's, Anniversaries

    • I've seen amazing surprises where the significant other wanted to charter a yacht for their partners birthday or their anniversary.  The partner thought they were going on a normally scheduled yacht cruise, but instead when walking aboard was greeted and surprised by not only the crew, but all of their family and friends.  It truly is the best gift ever that they will never forget.

  • Unique, beautiful weddings

  • Unforgettable Family Reunions

  • You choose the ports to visit

  • Everything is customized for your group and personal preferences


  •  We use our global connections to plan the most memorable experiences for our clients, from long weekend charters to dreamy private islands for your next vacation. 

  •  Because our agency earns over 6 million annually and we do a great deal of luxury travel, we have relationships with the best of the best in the industry, so you can trust the products we stand behind.

  •  If you are including a land stay with your trip, YWTco. is preferred with every luxury hotel in the world, which allows us to get VIP, complimentary amenities with each and every stay.

  •  In our experience, our representatives for every yacht and hotel we work with are much more responsive and attentive to our clients due to our relationship with them verses you booking on your own without a previous relationship.

  • We are a travel agency, which means we are not limited in the yachts we can offer.  We work with the best yacht brokers in the industry, but it also means more variety of boats to choose from verses working with one yacht broker, as well as taking care of all the in between details.

  • Not only is having the right yacht important for your charter, but having the right crew is just as important.  We match your charter with family, friends or colleagues with the perfect crew to assist.


How much does a yacht charter cost?

The easy answer is it depends.  It depends on how many cabins you need for the amount of people you have going, how many nights you would like to be away for, the time of year you want to travel, the area you're interested in and of course, the type of boat.  The price can range from $17,000 for a week inclusive charter to $450,000+ for the week.  We can discuss your needs and budget to determine what will be best for you and your family, friends or group event.  We are familiar with it all.

What are the most popular areas to have a yacht charter?

The most popular destinations would be the Caribbean, especially the Bahamas, United States Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, St. Barth's, Grenada, as well as the Mediterranean, along the French Riviera, Montenegro, Croatia, Greek Islands and Italia.  There are several other areas all over the world where you can charter a yacht like Asia, Alaska and Spain to name a few.  Let us know where you would like to go and we can assist with our trusted, vetted yacht partners.

What age do you think is appropriate for children to be on a yacht charter?

It really is a very personal decision and will also be determined by the type of yacht.  A child of any age would be fine on a yacht charter.  The crew takes many precautions for children and there are life jackets on board.  Some yachts can put up netting around the entire boat to help kids walk along the edge more easily and hold onto something and it adds an extra level of protection.  Some of the larger yachts, that are used for weddings and incentive groups, would recommend children aged 8 and above, but it's not mandatory, just recommended.

I see APA in the total.  What does that mean?

APA stands for Advanced Provisioning Allowance.  There are typically additional costs that are incurred on your charter, such as food, fuel, docking fees, beverages and other expenses.  The APA is typically 30% of the total charter to go towards these additional expenses.  Whatever portion of the APA is not used will be refunded back at the end of the charter.  On the other hand, if the expenses go above the APA the guests will have to pay the yacht the additional expenses incurred.

If you have any questions or are ready to book your next charter with our team behind your booking for added security, then please get in contact with us.  We can't wait to assist you on an amazing private, island hopping experience.  Please note that yacht charters have been exceptionally popular due to the privacy and high level of service for this type of vacation, so let's get the dates you need in the books as soon as possible!


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