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Why Travel by Private Jet & How to Pick a Trusted Company

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Some people know that the only way they want to travel is by private jet. Maybe they have their own jet to use, but many look to reliable companies to transport them from one far away place to another. If you already fly privately then you already have a good feel for the company's you like to use. If you're not used to traveling by jet and are thinking about it, here's a good place to start to get you thinking 1) - if it's for you or not and 2) - how to pick a reliable, trusted company. I looked to Entrepreneur and Air Broker Net for their opinion on the matter.

If you're thinking about flying privately, here are 7 essential tips from Entrepreneur's blog in regards to how to get started. Entrepreneur asked Moshe Malamud, founder and CEO of M2Jets, for his opinion, since he's been traveling privately for the last 15 years.

1. Time the best deal.

Unlike commercial airlines, private planes are constantly moving across the world at a moment's notice, Malamud explains. Although the price fluctuates, you could snag last-minute deals, understanding that aircraft operators want their planes in the air as much as possible. "The best deal is often available by booking a trip one to two weeks in advance," he advises.

2. Don't price shop.

Finding a great charter deal isn't like bargain hunting on eBay. Clients tend to get themselves in a bind when cross-shopping with multiple operators or brokers. "It's tough negotiating with the operator of a plane when other companies are calling him to charter the same aircraft for you," cautions Malamud.

3. ‘Empty legs’ aren't what they seem.

Since the rise of membership-based companies like Jet Smarter, Surf Air, and Jet Quote, "empty legs" are becoming more well-known. This is when a plane flies to one destination with passengers, but returns empty.

Certainly, you could snag a bargain on an empty-leg flight, but Malamud warns: "You have about a 2 percent chance of finding an empty leg for the exact time, day, and destination you need. And they're never free."

4. Have realistic expectations.

In the last decade, private travel has become highly competitive, pushing down the price for consumers. But flying private is still flying private. A basic light jet typically starts from $2,000 to $2,500 per hour, with your heaviest plane, like a Gulfstream or Global, ranging between $6,000 and $8,000 per hour.

"If you decide to step into the "1 percent" world, understand that chartering privately is a luxury expense—it's left to the 1 percent for a reason," Malamud cautions.

Owning, maintaining, and placing a flight crew on these toys is expensive. If you can't afford it, fly commercial or try a shared jet option."

5. You get what you pay for.

You wouldn't walk into a Rolls Royce dealership and barter for a $300,000 car. When flying private, you're paying for convenience, safety, security, and luxury.

But if you can afford it, paying the right price to be on a safe and secure aircraft is well worth it.

“A brand new car is more expensive but requires almost no maintenance. It’s the same with jets: older models require more maintenance to meet strict FAA guidelines,” Malamud advises. “That’s why we direct clients to newer, better-managed aircraft. Paying a better price for an old, outdated plane can be risky.”

6. Don't waste your money on jet cards.

A jet card provides access to private planes for a flat fee, usually for a set number of hours. Owning a jet card was once a status symbol: you were a member of an exclusive club that could have a plane available within hours, without owning it.

However, with the expanded availability of private aircraft and a good broker network, it's cheaper to use pay-as-you-go charter services.

7. Know when to book a round trip or one-way.

If you're chartering a plane with two to three overnight stopovers, it's better to book a round trip. But if you're staying for an extended period, you can't expect an operator to have the plane sitting and waiting for you.

"Overnight stays bring significant expenses," there are citing ramp fees, crew expenses, and lost revenue from planes not flying. A good operator or broker should be able to find suitable one-way options that may be less expensive than a round trip and more economical if you have many overnights.

I liked this blog and thought it gave good advice to those that are not as familiar with flying privately. Even if you do fly privately this may have helped you look at how your spending your money on this luxury and how to do it better.

Of course, one thing the blog is missing is the fact that you can also use your trusted travel advisor to already have a network of vetted private jet company's to match your exact needs with. Once I know what your needs are within a private jet, either for leisure or business, I am able to assist you pretty quickly with some great options, rather than you trying to go crazy and figure it all out.

Now, you've determined you want to fly privately, (why wouldn't you), and now you're wondering how to pick a trusted company to get you from A to B safely. Air Broker Net had some nice points that I would like to share with you.

More and more businessmen are opting to travel via private jet, all because of the benefits of convenience and time effectiveness that it offers. As the popularity of chartered jets is rising, the number of companies offering private jet services is also increasing. It is true that there are more choices, but then it becomes more difficult to choose which of these budding private chartered jet companies are good for your purpose.

In deciding which company to go for, you have to check on four basic features of the private jet company. Check out on the security and safety, company reputation, the kinds of jets and the cost.

Safety and Security Measures

Although the companies pay strict attention to the safety and security of their flights, it is still incumbent upon you to do some research. You can log on the jet service website and read about the safety measures being implemented by the company. Check if there are loopholes.

Company reputation

Check the company’s reputation.

You can also do this via the internet. Try to make your own analysis of the company. You are paying a fortune for a private flight so you should be able to get your money’s worth. Go for the highly rated ones – not only satisfactory or average rated private jet companies.

Kinds of jets

The kind of aircraft being rented out should be checked. The company should not be offering you too new or too old models. As you get the information about the model and kind of aircraft, you can do some research on the legroom, baggage capacity and dimensions of the aircraft. You are looking for convenience in your travel, so the facilities and amenities of the jet plane should be scrutinized properly. Remember that every private jet is different in features. You have models that are designed for long trips, and there are those specifically made for shorter trips. And there are those that have luxurious cabins, while others are just economical.

Cost comparison

Traveling by jet is expensive. It is wise to check on the offers of different companies. There are many companies now in this industry and you will have a lot of options. But do not go for the cheapest private jet companies. Try to go for a company that gives you a good balance in service and cost.

Not all chartered jet planes are equal. It is better that you research before you pick the chartered jet plane service provider for your own travel.

Again, great advice to getting started. If it seems a little bit broad don't do it alone. Shoot me an email or give me a call and let me help guide you through the process, so you don't waste your time or money on bad choices and cutting corners.

Here are some pictures of the different interiors of a private jet, again based on your style and needs:

Thank you, for taking the time to read my blog and I hope that you found it helpful. Again, I am at your disposal with any questions or assistance you may need in booking your next trip.

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