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How to Plan a Gorgeous Wedding Reception on a Yacht

How to Plan a Gorgeous Wedding Reception on Yacht

It would be hard to find a better venue for a wedding than one that's right on the water. As one of the biggest milestones in your life, it fits the bill as a one-of-a-kind ceremony that breaks the mold as far as event spaces go.

Close your eyes and imagine saying your I dos with a sunny sky melting into a backdrop of endless blue, and perhaps an exotic island or two, followed by a wedding reception on a yacht. Pure bliss!

Booking a private yacht charter for your wedding means you’ll be whisked away to a spectacular private island or a magnificent port in the Mediterranean for your honeymoon afterward, and it also just happens to be the perfect location for your reception.

The Benefits of a Boat Wedding

Just picture sharing your vows on the open-air deck of a yacht with the water behind you as the backdrop. The wedding photos are sure to be stunning and the lucky couple and their guests will enjoy making the memories of a lifetime. However, the benefits go beyond the majestic setting!

We Take Care of the Planning

Weddings can take months and months of planning with inevitable bumps along the way that can turn excitement into frustration. A ceremony and wedding reception on a yacht means that YourWishTravelCo can take care of every little detail, from the food to the music to the guest rooms, to eliminate the stress so that you and your spouse-to-be can just relax and enjoy.

Our travel and event experts will handle the time-consuming planning while giving you the full VIP treatment to ensure it's the special day you've dreamed of, whether you're looking for something simple or elaborate.

It’s An All-Inclusive Venue

A ceremony and wedding reception on a yacht means that it's all-inclusive without being a generic package.

Your needs and wants are taken into consideration every step of the way and it's all included, too: the wedding and reception venue, accommodations, food, and entertainment! Best of all, it can all be enjoyed in a magical destination that only fairytales are made of.

You’ll Wake Up Somewhere Wonderful

It's easy to combine a wedding reception on a yacht with a trip to a private island or a port in Europe, magnificent Croatia, the freshwater fjords of Montenegro, or romantic Italy.

Pristine white sand beaches edged by dreamy clear turquoise waters in the Caribbean is just one of the many other options. No matter what glorious destination you select, you're sure to wake up somewhere wonderful. Here are a few places to inspire you:

Garda Island, Italy

There's a reason Italy's lakes have drawn so many of the rich and famous to say their own I dos in the area. It's hard to beat when it comes to romantic settings with sapphire waters, the soaring peaks of the Alps, grand mansions and lush gardens, with Garda Island one of the top private islands for a lakeside wedding in paradise.


Along with a near-perfect Mediterranean climate, Greece has thousands of mooring locations and some of the world's most storied islands, blending mythology, mystery, and striking natural beauty. Here you can wed with a backdrop of centuries-old historic sites, glorious beaches, and cobalt blue waters, while enjoying some of the most mouthwatering cuisine.

St. Barth

The French Caribbean island of St. Barth packs more beauty and glamour into its relatively small size than it can hold. Famous for its sophistication and exclusivity, it's the perfect complement to a yacht wedding, complete stunning beaches, fine restaurants, upscale boutiques and historic buildings that reflect its unique French and Swedish heritage.

US Virgin Islands

If you're looking for tropical without passports required, the US Virgin Islands are a top pick with multiple private islands for the wedding of your dreams like Lovango Cay. Easily accessed on a luxurious private yacht charter, you and your guests can enjoy its soft white sands and abundant marine life for world-class snorkeling and diving afterward.

Saying I Do On a Luxury Yacht: 4 Tips

Of course, as with any wedding, a luxury boat wedding comes with a number of things to consider. While YourWishTravelCo can provide invaluable advice, these tips can help ensure it's a type of ceremony and reception that's right for you.


The larger the vessel, the higher the price tag, but a wedding on the water can actually be cost-effective, with all-inclusive packages that mean you'll usually get more bang for the buck.

A banquet on deck rather than pricey multicourse meals can reduce costs even more. Since the wedding and reception can both be held on board, there is no added expense for transport between the ceremony site and reception!

Carefully Consider Your Guest List

Even if you can opt for a large yacht, it’s a good idea to limit your guest list. Packing a vessel to its capacity means that there will be little room to mingle. YourWishTravelCo can ensure that the yacht chartered will be spacious enough to safely accommodate a reasonable number guests—from 2 to 300—though all are small enough to fit into the port you choose.

Be Prepared for Inclement Weather

While a wedding reception on a yacht can easily take place in areas with an idyllic climate, it's always a good idea to be prepared for inclement weather.

It’s understandable if the couple prefers the ceremony to be open-air, enjoying a gentle breeze through their hair that can enhance those gorgeous photos, but rain and powerful winds out on the water can definitely put a damper on the ceremony. YourWishTravel advisors can help you come up with the perfect interior space as an alternative, just in case.

Mobility Issues

If you'll have any disabled or elderly guests, mobility is an important consideration. Some yachts have limited wheelchair accessibility and many have doorways that can be difficult to navigate along with narrow, winding staircases and corridors. That means you'll need to choose a boat venue that can accommodate everyone.

Plan Your Big Day on the Water!

With breathtaking scenery, luxury, an elevated sense of elegance and style, and an atmosphere that's both light-hearted and romantic, there's no doubt a ceremony and wedding reception on a yacht can be the perfect way to start the rest of your lives together. With the travel and event planning gurus at YourWishTravel at your side to prepare your big day on the water, it’s guaranteed to be as blissful as you dreamed.


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