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How Much Is It to Rent a Yacht for a Party? You Might be Surprised

While yachts tend to be associated with luxury, affluence, and living the high life, that doesn't necessarily mean that renting one is out of reach. The temptation to visit exciting ports on an elegant vessel, lounge on a sun deck enjoying the salty sea breeze, and sleep in a sumptuous cabin, may have you wondering, "How much is it to rent a yacht for a party, anyway?"

Good news: there are plenty of exclusive private yacht charters and the sky's the limit. The overall cost depends on multiple factors and can often be more affordable than you think. It depends on when and where you travel, how many people will be attending the yacht party, and the particular amenities onboard. Chartering a private yacht is a beautiful dream that might just be within your reach!

Keep reading to learn more about what makes private yacht charters special and how the prices break down.

Why Charter a Private Yacht?

Chartering a yacht offers the chance to indulge in the ultimate stress-free getaway. You and your group can relax, unwind, and enjoy while someone else does all the work. You'll be pampered by a professional crew dedicated to personalized service that anticipates all of your needs. The travel experts at Your Wish Travel take care of all of the pre-trip planning, too, and their in-depth knowledge ensures an unforgettable experience filled with breathtaking vistas and thrilling ports.

Routes are available everywhere from the Bahamas and their brilliant clear turquoise waters or the sparkling Mediterranean. Perhaps you'll wind through the jewel-like Croatian islands, stopping by glamorous Hvar with its famously lively nightlife and storybook Korcula with its medieval historic center surrounded by stone walls, gates, towers, and ramparts.

For a taste of true luxury, why not sail along the enchanting French Riviera, stopping at chic St. Tropez and Cannes where the red carpet is frequently rolled out for big-name Hollywood stars? It’s YOUR dream trip, so dream big!

How The Scope of Yacht Travel Impacts Price

Let’s get back to the original question: "How much is it to rent a yacht for a party?" Here are the factors that determine the price:

Length of the Trip

Obviously the longer the trip the more it will cost since it requires more fuel, power, and crew members. It's possible to cut the total price by considering a destination like the Bahamas, within easy reach of the U.S., rather than a lengthy tour through Europe, for example.

The Time of Year

The price of a yacht charter also fluctuates depending on the season. A trip in the Caribbean or the Bahamas will cost more in the winter when prices are high and will be lower in the summer months.

For the Mediterranean, costs rise in the summer and drop in the winter. Anyone seeking affordable luxury should opt for excursions that are outside of the high season. Just before or just after the busy period, such as April/May or September/October in places where summer is the peak season can bring the best of both worlds in terms of lower costs and pleasant weather.

Number of Guests

With an inclusive trip, the more guests on board, the more food and drink it will take to keep everyone happy and comfortable. That means the number of people in your group can make a significant difference in cost.

If you're considering a private family charter, you won't need as many cabins, which also reduces the price. Of course, a corporate retreat or wedding party with a big group of people, however, will bump up the price.

The Type of Vessel and Its Amenities

The year the boat was built, its amenities and selection of watersports equipment, and even the yacht's reputation, can also increase the total price of a yacht charter. Yachts that boast lavish water toys, a Jacuzzi, or even an onboard theater, are likely to have a higher base rate as compared to a vessel of minimal amenities of the same size.

Your Next Trip Should be Unforgettable

So, how much does it cost to rent a yacht for a party? As you can see, it varies. Still, creating a trip that suits a tighter budget can be done if you have some flexibility. Of course, if you're looking for the ultimate in luxuries or something in between, that's possible, too. The bottom line is that no matter what type of yacht charter, the value overall can be quite high, especially when you book with Your Wish Travel.

We’re a luxury travel agency specializing in yacht charters and you'll be working with one of the most trusted companies in the travel industry. With a knowledgeable staff who thoughtfully plan the trip of your dreams, your guests can sit back and enjoy the views, the mouthwatering meals, and some well-deserved relaxation. Let us plan a gorgeous trip for you!


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