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Why a Private Yacht Charter Might be the Best Thing for your Next Trip

A luxury yacht on the water at sunset.
A luxury yacht on the water at sunset.

Everyone is traveling these days.

Even your neighbor down the street who never goes outside and doesn’t like driving across town to do her grocery shopping.

Ok, we’re not actually sure about her. But basically everyone is traveling.

The world is tired of being cooped up inside and they are ready to explore, well, the world.

That’s great news for the travel industry and for small countries who depend heavily on tourism for their livelihood.

But it’s not so great for you if you are wanting to get away to relax and unwind in a quiet, peaceful location.

The chaos and confusion of the last few years has led to worldwide overwhelm and exhaustion and you aren’t alone if you just want to sneak away from it all and enjoy life again.

But the last thing you want to do is be cooped up with dozens of other people in a tour bus being hauled from one overflowing destination to another. Or even worse, being dumped off at yet another crowded port with thousands of other passengers milling about trying to haggle with taxi drivers over the best price to get to a secluded beach that must exist somewhere on this crowded island.

That doesn’t sound fun.

You want to get away from that. You want to relax. You want to be at one with nature. You want to soak up the quiet, peaceful idyllic charm of a small, exclusive island with swaying coconut trees and crystal clear waters.

Fluffy white clouds dot the sky above turquoise waters and tiny lush islands ringed with white sand beaches
Turquoise waters and tiny lush islands ringed with white sand beaches.

Well, friend, I have good news for you: this magical dream of yours can be had and we can help you achieve it.

I am here to tell you that dreams and wishes really do come true. In fact, we believe in this maxim so completely that we even named our entire company after that fact.

Your Wish Travel co exists solely for the purpose of helping all your private island hopping and sailing dreams come true. We do this by chartering yachts and catering to your exclusive events.

What does it mean to charter a yacht?

If you have never booked a private yacht charter before, you might be asking, “what does it mean to charter a yacht or what is included when you charter a yacht?”

Booking a yacht charter is like booking a hotel for your vacation. Except it includes a whole lot more than that.

You aren’t just booking a place to sleep like when you book a hotel. You are also booking your transportation. And your entertainment. And even your meals! Think of it like a private, floating, all-inclusive resort for just you and whoever you bring along.

Booking a private yacht for your next trip means:

  • Private, individualized charters custom-tailored to your desires

  • Getting to travel with privately family and friends

  • Customized and flexible itineraries based on your preferences

  • Getting to visit small, secluded islands off the beaten path

  • Soaking up the sun on the deck of your own yacht or on a quiet island

  • Tranquil destinations that will never be visited by huge cruise ships

  • Making memories without the crowds around

  • Getting to see destinations you wouldn’t normally see

  • Your own private chef, if you choose one

  • Getting to snorkel or dive wherever you choose

  • Peace of mind knowing that no one around you is sick

  • Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility

With all of these exclusive amenities, it’s easy to see why booking private yacht charters for vacations, anniversaries or whatever special occasion it is that you are celebrating is the way to go.

Gone are the days of celebrating special milestones with thousands of strangers around you.

Now you can celebrate your events with an exclusive list of friends in a luxurious and intimate setting.

A group of friends are eating and celebrating on their private yacht charter
A group of friends are eating and celebrating on their private yacht charter

Where can I go on my private yacht charter?

Have you ever looked at a picture of a sun-drenched beach ringed with bright green palms and thought “I need to be there asap”? People who book yacht charters have the ability to visit these tiny islands regularly and it’s one of the reasons our customers love booking with us. We are able to customize your itinerary so that you are visiting the best of the best.

Unlike booking a vacation on a huge cruise ship, where the itinerary is already laid out, you get to choose which islands to visit when you charter a yacht.

Many people choose to visit small, idyllic islands in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean boasts many tiny islands that are teeming with wildlife, lush green rainforests, jaw-dropping waterfalls, and water so clear you won’t believe it. There are a thousand reasons to visit the Caribbean and we promise you won’t be disappointed if you choose to make a Caribbean sailing trip your next getaway.

An inviting, icy red drink stands on the shore in front of an idyllic turquoise beach
An inviting, icy red drink stands on the shore in front of an idyllic turquoise beach

Other people prefer to sail the sun-baked Mediterranean.

Whether you choose to island-hop the Greek isles or sail the French Riviera, we know you will come back from your trip already dreaming about the next one you will book. The Mediterranean is no stranger to glitzy yachts and the glamor of old world Europe and whether you choose to stop in Monte Carlo or Cannes or somewhere else, you will not be disappointed when you charter a yacht in the Med!

Puffy white clouds float in a blue sky above calm turquoise waters. A picturesque village lies in the background against a line of hills.
A picturesque village lies in the background against a line of hills.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about the remote and stunning South Pacific.

The South Pacific has no shortage of tropical islands that will leave your mind boggled that places like this actually exist. The beauty of sailing in the South Pacific is that you really will have the place to yourself. Few people are lucky enough to get to see the South Pacific and you will feel incredibly blessed to get to witness what few people ever will.

Looking up at the southern sky and seeing the Milky Way without the usual light pollution will leave you mesmerized. And snorkeling with bright blue starfish as big as your head? Yes, please.

A boat floats on crystal clear water with a tiny, picturesque Polynesian island in the background.

Want to go somewhere else? We’ve got you covered. Send us a message and we will work to make the magic happen.

Do I have to sail the yacht myself?

When you book a yacht you can choose whether you would like to hire a skipper, hire a full crew, or sail the yacht yourself. Depending on your comfort level and level of experience, you can choose whatever is best for your group and your event. We want your vacation to be stress-free and the highlight of your year! So we offer many different packages and options to best suit your needs.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you make your next event or vacation a smashing success!

You will be the hero of the party when you sail your guests around the best islands this world has to offer; it will be an unforgettable experience that people won’t be able to stop talking about!

From all of the above reasons, you can see why a yacht charter could be the best thing for your next vacation. If you’re ready to join the club of exclusive yacht charter vacationers, reach out today and we’ll work together to plan your epic event. You can count on us to make your next event, family vacation, or private getaway an adventure to remember.


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