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Plan a Beautiful Private Yacht Charter from Istanbul

Can you imagine sailing on what feels like your very own luxury yacht? Even if you can't buy one outright, this is one travel dream that can easily become reality. What’s more exotic than a private yacht charter from Istanbul? Especially when it’s customized to your particular desires with flexible itineraries based on what you'd like to see and do most can be a trip of a lifetime.

The travel experts at Your Wish Travel are passionate about creating unforgettable adventures, and share their insights for how to plan this extraordinary journey.

What It's Like to Sail on a Yacht from Istanbul

Just envision soaking up the Aegean sun, enjoying the gentle sea breeze while surrounded by spectacular scenery, visiting intriguing ancient sites, top attractions and hidden treasures most tourists don't get to see. You'll be able to leap into the water for a swim, dive or snorkel as you please, and you can even request your own private chef to prepare fresh, delectable meals.

Spoiling yourself, your friends, family, or whisking your team away on a corporate retreat, you'll be living la dolce vita in the role of a yacht owner without the hassles and high expenses that come with it. An exceptional crew will cater to all of your needs according to your preferences—you simply sit back and enjoy the VIP service.

Trip Planning

Once you've decided to embark on this unforgettable private yacht charter from Istanbul, the fun part begins: considering what you'd like to be included in your charter!

This is a highly personal process, but you'll be aided by Your Wish Travel's professional advice to help you make the best decisions according to your preferences and requirements. It's important to start planning well ahead of the date you plan to depart so that your charter can be tailored for you and your group.

The Destinations

One of the most important factors in this dream trip is the destinations you'll visit. With firsthand knowledge, Your Wish Travel will be an important resource with suggestions from previous experience, but your own preferences are also essential in creating the ultimate itinerary.


You'll want time in Istanbul, the magical capital city along the Bosphorus that separates Europe from Asia. This is a thrilling place where East meets West geographically and culturally, with experiences that can't be found anywhere else.

Walking through the Grand Bazaar is a must, taking in the many sights and sounds with merchants haggling with locals and visitors alike. The world's largest covered bazaar is more than 500 years old and made up of 60 streets with over 5,000 shops, countless restaurants and a dozen mosques. Planning a private charter from Istanbul as the starting point means you’ll be able to enjoy the city before setting off for more exotic locales!

Princes' Islands

With the Sea of Marmara to the south and the Black Sea to the north of Istanbul, you might visit the Princes' Islands, passing the glistening minarets and majestic palaces along the way. This cluster of nine islands southeast of Istanbul are mostly car-free, known for their horse-drawn carriages. From the 6th-century Hagia Yorgi church at the highest point on Buyukada Island, one can take in a stunning panoramic view.


From Canakkale in the Dardanelles, you can go ashore and explore the site of the legendary city of Troy. While it was once believed to be a myth, it existed over 4,000 years ago, discovered in the 19th-century. If you've ever heard the tales of the Trojan War, you'll want to visit the complex city which is actually made up of nine ancient cities built atop one another.


Marvel at the breathtaking view from Assos, an ancient city on the northern Aegean coast where Aristotle once lived - from here you can see across to the Greek island of Lesbos. The Temple of Athena sits atop a hill where the philosopher resided and archaeological finds from the ruins can be viewed at the museum here.


Cesme is a popular spot with a large fortress in its quay that reveals a glimpse of the city's origins when it was once a Genoese trading port. There's lots to explore, from the fortifications to the interesting local museum and shops.

Turquoise Coast

With more time, the Turquoise Coast is well worth exploring, as spectacular as the name suggests. The color of the water that frames it matches the name with brilliant shades of greens and blues. Of course a private yacht charter from Istanbul means where you stop and the length of your journey is all up to you.

Cost Factors

The cost of a private yacht charter depends on multiple factors: whether you want an all-inclusive trip, how many cabins you'll need for the amount of people in your group, the time of year you'd like to travel, the type of yacht, and the specific itinerary.

You'll have a say in how much you want to spend—the expert staff at Your Wish Travel will discuss your budget and particular needs with you to determine what will be best for your private yacht charter from Istanbul. If price is a significant factor, tips can be provided to help you save money while getting the best possible value.

When to Plan a Private Yacht Charter from Istanbul

The main season to book a gorgeous private yacht charter from Istanbul and throughout the Mediterranean typically runs between May and October with June, July and August the peak months. If you plan your trip in the summer you'll want to do it well in advance, although this is an ideal time for hot, sunny weather and a lively atmosphere in the ports.

If you want to skip the biggest crowds and the hottest months while enjoying reduced rates, consider booking in April, May, October or November. The weather will still be warm and the water pleasant for swimming.

Get in touch with Your Wish Travel so that we can take the planning off your to-do list while you lean back and take in the sights!


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