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How to Plan the Most Luxurious Corporate Retreat

While corporate retreats have been a staple in the business industry for decades, they’ve gotten an impressive upgrade in recent years. Remote and hybrid work models have been a blessing, offering flexibility, autonomy, and a much-needed reevaluation of work-life balance.

If nothing else, the pandemic has demonstrated that white collar workers need two things to remain happy and productive: time to recharge and the opportunity to interact with their coworkers face-to-face. Team members tend to collaborate and communicate more effectively when they have a chance to interact with one another in person. If they can do it in a gorgeous, luxe setting—it’s a dream come true! We explore how to plan an unforgettable corporate retreat that will wow your top talent as they come together to share ideas, make memories, and affirm your company’s core values—as a team.

Plan Stimulating and Unique Activities

Companies have been moving away from cliched activities that make employees yawn with boredom. Including more unique and stimulating activities at your corporate retreat that feel more like a reward than something aimed specifically at team building, for example, brings many benefits.

Just a few of the perks of providing these more engaging activities include helping your staff feel renewed and motivated when they get back to the office, reducing stress, enhancing creativity, and perhaps even boosting confidence by overcoming fears. Of course, taking part in activities together naturally strengthens team bonds by building comradery and improving communication.

A luxury yacht charter gives your team a chance to escape from the grind and reconnect tranquil waters in the Caribbean, Europe, Antarctica, or Alaska. With luxe travel bringing the opportunity for all sorts of unique options, you might consider these ideas for your next corporate retreat.

Regatta Race

As part of a corporate yacht charter, why not host a regatta race? Many luxurious corporate events take place across several catamarans or sailboats, providing the perfect opportunity for a fun competition. It gives everyone onboard an opportunity to help each other achieve a win, although it's more about the camaraderie.

Cooking Class and Tasting Competition

There are few people who don't appreciate good food and a cooking class/tasting competition can even involve local ingredients from an exotic destination, perhaps even a private island! Docking at your very own slice of paradise adds a unique twist while allowing everyone to sample authentic eats and enjoy being out in the open air.

Include a chef or two to help ensure the meal will be edible, create teams that are equal in skill and numbers, and find out who makes the tastiest dishes.

Sunrise Meditation

A corporate retreat on a private island brings many opportunities for enhancing wellness and sunrise meditation led by an expert can be transformational. Your employees will experience the beautiful sights and sounds of a peaceful morning while learning to slow down and be present. Afterward, you might include a brainstorming session.

Meditation can be a punctuation mark in both professional and personal development. Just a few of the benefits include sparking ideas, increasing creativity and problem-solving skills, and nurturing emotional intelligence to foster a drama-free office environment.

Encourage Mingling Over Dinner

Social interaction helps to build morale and trust which is why having the opportunity to mingle with other employees is such an important part of any corporate retreat. Staff members will be able to chat with a variety of individuals that aren't necessarily in their own department, sharing industry backgrounds, insights, and experiences. They may discover that they have similar interests and hobbies, leading to more positive relationships in the workplace too.

With a full schedule of activities during the day, provide a grand finale that allows employees to relax and indulge. A delicious multicourse dinner enjoyed with a glorious sunset view can be incredibly restorative. Conversation is likely to be free-flowing as your team savors each delicacy, prepared by a highly-skilled chef.

Leave Space for Rest and Reflection

If your employees are constantly on the go with one activity scheduled after another at your corporate retreat, they're likely to be left frazzled instead of refreshed and motivated to get back to work.

Numerous studies have shown busyness doesn't increase productivity. In fact, it can be an obstacle to accomplishment: research by Stanford University found that productivity per hour declined significantly when one works over 50 hours a week, and after 55, it drops so much that working more is pointless.

Be sure to provide workers with time on their own to recharge during travel and ensure they don't feel guilt for not being productive.

Plan a Corporate Retreat Your Team Will Always Remember

By hosting a corporate retreat that your team will always remember, you're likely to reap many benefits for months and even years down the line. It sends a strong message that shows employees their efforts are appreciated, strengthens company culture, and can even create a buzz around your business, providing a competitive edge when it comes to hiring.

The planning part can be overwhelming, especially when you have countless other responsibilities on your plate. The better news is that YourWishCo. is a luxury travel agency specializing in yacht charters and private islands that are ideal for corporate events. That means that you can enjoy all of the benefits while one of the most trusted companies in the travel industry does all the hard work for you.


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