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Elite Corporate Retreat Locations to Dazzle Your Team

Your team members are the heart and soul of your business. They show up every single day to work hard, collaborate, and help you make your mark on your industry. Yet research shows that work-related stress and burnout are on the rise among white-collar employees, and the pandemic didn’t exactly lighten the load.

Successful business leaders understand that even the most dedicated staff members need a break sometimes, and what better way to reward your top talent than with a luxury corporate retreat? There’s plenty of advice out there about taking your employees on retreat to this or that American city. While a stateside urban holiday can be fun, if you really want to express your gratitude while pampering your staff, then it’s time to charter a private yacht and escape to a beautiful, memorable destination.

Our travel experts share stunning corporate retreat locations and incredible experiences that your team will love—guaranteed.

Enjoy the Bahamas

What makes the Bahamas one of the most magnificent corporate retreat locations on the planet? A better question is: what doesn’t? Miles of pristine beaches, sunny skies, and clear, turquoise waters really speak for themselves.

Whether you want to get in some valuable team building or just relax, the 16 major islands that make up the archipelago offer an enticing array of sights and activities, from lounging on pink-sand beaches to getting your adrenaline pumping with thrilling water sports. Here are just a few of the fabulous activities your team can enjoy in the Bahamas:

Diving and snorkeling

Encourage your staff to feast their eyes on colorful reefs, mysterious underwater caves, and remarkable marine life like sea turtles and dolphins. The shallow waters of private islands like Nassau are particularly well-suited to a satisfying day of snorkeling.

Swimming with dolphins

An iconic Bahamian experience is swimming with dolphins in the magical Blue Lagoon Island, Paradise Island, or Nassau. A unique up-close-and-personal encounter with these gorgeous creatures guarantees that your staff will have incredible stories and photos to share!

Explore the US Virgin Islands

For an alternative Caribbean experience, head to the US Virgin Islands. If your retreat calls for something more hilly and lush than the typical beach getaway, then the variety of the Virgins will appeal to the adventure-seekers on your team. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Hike St. John

The parkland on the island of St. John is a tropical paradise with more than 20 unique trails to explore—as far as corporate retreat locations go, this one requires packing comfortable shoes!

Shop St. Thomas

Whether there are self-identifying shopaholics on your team, or you just want to pick up something extra special for the folks back home, the best shopping destination in the Caribbean is on the island of St. Thomas. From designer brands to high-end jewelry, there’s nothing like luxe retail therapy to help your employees unwind. Wrap it up with a team lunch right on Main Street!

Linger on the French Riviera

If your team members are firmly convinced that ideal corporate retreat locations should combine gorgeous beaches with a strong dose of sophistication and culture, then the French Riviera is guaranteed to impress. Found in the southeast corner of France, the French Riviera is everything both nature lovers and city dwellers dream of. Plan an idyllic getaway with these trip ideas:

Wander around Nice

See for yourself why the special light in Nice inspired legions of artists, from Renoir to Matisse, by exploring this charming city. Finish off your culture dose at one of the city’s many remarkable art museums.

Visit Cannes

If you’ve heard of the legendary Cannes Film Festival, then you already know why Cannes shines: the open-air film screenings that take place every summer. If you can’t catch the latest avant-garde masterpiece, then your team can simply enjoy drinks on La Croisette, the famous beach boardwalk where decked-out celebs come to see and be seen.

Make a Splash in Croatia

When the exotic beckons, you have to listen. Croatia is an underrated world class destination in the Adriatic Sea boasting beautiful beaches, Roman ruins, and dramatic landscapes. One of the most diverse corporate retreat locations in the world, Croatia offers a little bit of everything!

Journey Through the Croatian Islands

If you’re looking for untouched nature, secret beaches, and glorious views, an island-hopping adventure along the Dalmatian coast will give your employees a chance to relax, reflect, and explore. With more than one thousand islands to choose from, there will be a new landscape every day!

Delight in Dubrovnik

If there are history buffs among your team members, they’ll be blown away by the enormous walled Old Town in the center of Dubrovnik surrounded by fascinating museums and breathtaking views. While the history lovers explore the architecture, beach-goers can relax on the sand nearby!

A Corporate Retreat is So Much More Than Just Business

Your talented staff know you care—right? Show your appreciation for all their hard work with a private yacht charter to whisk them to awe-inspiring corporate retreat locations across the globe.

Best of all, you don’t have to plan a thing: the experienced travel experts behind YourWishTravel are excited to work with you to prepare the ideal getaway for your team. All you have to do is put your feet up and enjoy the ride. Really? Yes, really. Let us take care of all the details from bookings to meals to planning team building activities—because leisure looks good on you!


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