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Where to Travel During a Pandemic

As social distancing becomes the norm, summer travel is likely going to be roadtrips, outdoor fun with travelers staying closer to home and traveling for shorter periods of time.

Here are great spots for traveling this summer with wide-open space that offer getting off the grid like at Camp Sarika, which are hip ten canvas-topped pavilions that elevate glamping to new heights amid a stunning landscape of towering mesas, slot canyons and rust-colored sands.

Imagine going behind the Barricades at the Grand Canyon and embarking on a hike led by an expert naturalist guide who– unlike other guides in the area– is credentialed to travel behind the barricades and provide access to less-visited vistas and trails. Imagine providing a living classroom for you and your family along the Appalachian Trail, as you traverse one of America’s most iconic routes as you hop from mountain town to mountain town taking in stunning scenery, gourmet stops and immersive cultural and historical experiences. Imagine riding bikes around town, getting ice cream from a real creamery shop and surfing on one island and having the same, but different experience again on another island.

How Will Travel Look This Year?

Let’s get down to it. There are travelers of all types – those that enjoy self-driving to the next destination, maybe RV’ing on their own or with a private driver. Perhaps you prefer to travel by private plane just for you and your party or even adding some boating in there or of course, a combination of any of the above. The great thing is that I’m flexible when we work together. If you want to book everything yourself and hire me create a very detailed outline of every photo opp, educational and adventure worthy stop while en route, as well as great restaurant and hotel recommendations and unique experiences along the way, I’m happy to do that. If you would like me to do all of the above AND book everything so you don’t have the hassle of keeping track of it all that’s completely fine too. Either way I’m flexible on how we work together. The new norm is whatever you want it to be since travelers are getting out of their comfort zone and trying things they would have never done before.

A New Version of Island Hopping Island Hopping?

Island hopping is most known in the Caribbean, Asia, Greece and other areas of the world, but have you thought about island hopping here in our own country? If you didn’t think it was possible it definitely is. You don’t need to necessarily fly from one island to another either. If you want to bring your car or rent one you can do that. If you want to just rent bikes to get around you can! If you want to stay on a yacht and go from island to island, then that’s even better to get in more islands and experiences. The point is there are several options. I have some really nice ideas and great accommodation options to offer when doing this and it’s definitely a great way to experience two or three different destinations in one trip, all completely with a unique vibe and a ton of different activities to choose from whether you’re a couple, a family or group. Try surfing on the East Coast, catching your own fresh lobsters or clams on a fishing excursion, hiking and learning about the island’s history or maybe just relaxing and enjoying yourself on a private beach or your boat. It’s a great option that many don’t take advantage of.

If you’re comfortable with flying in the near future we can of course continue to island hop in the Virgin Islands. How does social distancing on a private catamaran or monohull sound? A great way to be on the water, island hop and go where the wind takes you, only hitting land when you want to.

Not Your Typcial RV Trip

Let’s get back to RV’ing and Glamping for a minute, because I think it means something different to everyone. No longer are the days of old, rusty RV’s and hardcore, sleep on the ground, (roughing it), type of camping. Today, I have beautiful, updated options for RV’s that can come with a private driver, (that would UBER to/from a hotel for the night), and also takes care of everything that has to with the RV and setting it up ahead of time – a big plus! OR you can self-drive the RV your entire trip, which is also fun, but there’s a lot of know. (Don’t worry I’ll equip you with all necessary information, but there is a learning curve.) Want to take off for a little while in a helicopter, no problem. Some RV’s even come with a heli-pad on top of it, along with a hot tub and wine fridge! We can combine the RV’ing with staying in some great hotels for a night or two or setting up a beautiful camp for you and your party – the ‘glamping’ part. We can have you park on a farm or maybe a vineyard for some beautiful scenery and plan some vineyard tours or you can park overnight at a camp site with activities or a distillery. The sky really is the limit with this option with some incredibly different experiences to be had along the way. And yes, there is wifi! (Different sizes are available for RV’s)

Your Way Road Trips

Popular options this summer are road trips or flying to the National Parks and/or lakes we have within our domestic reach or how about a stay at a luxury working dude ranch. Talk about beautiful landscapes, adventure and wildlife experiences! If you haven’t been to any of our National Parks yet I highly recommend it. I can create a tailor made Northern California itinerary or maybe you would like to do all or part of the Appalachian Trail on the East Coast – what an amazing first hand learning experience for your children. How about a tailor made National Parks trip from Arizona to Utah or maybe focusing on the Mighty Five. Ever been to the Grand Teton or Yellowstone? Let’s have you spend a full day exploring in Yellowstone, home to free-roaming bison and bears, with privately guided hikes tailored to your interests. Let’s explore Grand Teton National Park with a wildlife-spotting excursion led by a private naturalist guide and float down the scenic Snake River in a traditional river dory, a private experience with an expert river pilot leading the way, before arriving at a tipi camp in time for evening appetizers around the campfire. Let’s go hiking in Jackson Hole, an area rich in a variety of wildlife, all geared to what you and your groups interests are. These are just some ideas I have in mind.

Other ideas to get you thinking of your next domestic holiday (all customizable to fit your needs):

- After a scenic flight into the desert wilderness of Canyonlands National Park, touch down at Robbers Roost–the fabled hideout of outlaw legends, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid–where a fully-staffed, luxurious glamp camp equipped with canvas tipis, UTVs and a roaring campfire awaits. - Coastal New England - Enjoy the evolution of coastal New England, from Rhode Island’s exclusive mansions and towns to Acadia National Park’s rugged and wild coast. - Oregon - Nowhere else in the world can you crawl through ancient lava tubes and sip world- class pinot noirs at a boutique winery in the span of a one-week road trip. - National Parks by Private Jet - Experience the very best that the United States’ larger-than-life national parks have to offer on this private jet adventure that features exclusive touring in Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon National Parks. - British Colombia - Discover a land where glacial mountains tower over the ocean, temperate rainforests engulf cities and the forces of nature run wild. - Celebrations on your own private retreat – a private Bahamian island is the perfect setting for the ultimate couples celebration or family party, which combines complete isolation with great outdoor adventures. Other destinations available as well. - Remote fishing lodge retreat - meet in true privacy and isolation in the backdrop of the Gallatin Range, while experiencing incredible fly-fishing, rafting, and Yellowstone touring. - South Carolina – let’s go on a yacht cruise and bike eco tour or maybe an insider art tour ending the day with a private plantation dinner. - Maybe you would just like a stand-alone home near a beach or lake or within a resort setting – all is possible, so let’s review your wants and make something incredible happen for you and your family this summer. - Unwind in a place that’s a million miles from the rest of the world. Experience all the creature comforts of a five-star hotel in a rugged and refined luxury home. From luxury safari style tents to secluded tree houses there is something for everyone, along with enough activities to keep you busy for a month straight.

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