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WOW, 12 Resorts in 10 Days From Cancun to Playa del Carmen. The Low Down for Travel Now or Later

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Mexico with some colleagues of mine. Our goal was to experience first hand how well the people of Mexico were handling the Covid situation, along with the protocols they were taking at the airport, with the transfers and at the resorts. My hope is that this will help others to be able to decide for themselves if they can travel to these areas in Mexico, in a safe way. Please note that IATA, (the International Air Transport Association), determined that you have a very low risk of getting Covid on a plane, (almost 0%), since the air is constantly circulated with the fresh air outside and filtered with a HEPA filter that circulates the air once every 2 to 4 minutes. Everyone must wear a mask and airlines DO take it very seriously.

In 10 days I was able to visit 11 five star and 1 four star resorts and stay at 4 of them, 2 nights at each. I’ll break down each resort and what I experienced with their procedures and let me start out by saying I was very impressed. I’ll also give you feedback on flying out of John F. Kennedy Airport and into Cancun Airport, as well as the transfer companies we used. I would also like to mention that when they say there’s an uprise in cases in Mexico, but they don’t specify on which area, please look into it more, because as of December 5th, the cases were rising drastically in Mexico City, which is very far from the Cancun area. Quintana Roo/Cancun area is doing very well in keeping their numbers low and at bay.

Properties we saw listed as below (click to be directed to that section):

- Nizuc

- Le Blanc

- Chable Maroma

- Viceroy Riviera Maya

- Grand Velas

- Banyan Tree Mayakoba

- Rosewood Mayakoba

- Fairmont Mayakoba

- Andaz Mayakoba

- Esencia

- Unico

- La Palmaia

JFK Airport, NY

I departed out of JFK. From the time I was dropped off at the Delta terminal, went through check in and security and got to my gate was in about 11 minutes total and yes, I was timing it. I’ve never experienced that at JFK before; the airport was practically empty. It was awesome! There are 6 feet markers everywhere on the floors and signs as reminders to keep your distance and wear our mask. I have Global Entry, (which I highly recommend if you travel at least once or twice a year internationally), so I was able to skip the regular security line and go straight to the TSA line, not that it made a difference at this time, and went through very quickly. Through security, they have antimicrobial bins and once I was at my gate every other seat was blocked off. As far as I could see, majority of people were wearing their masks the proper way (maybe 90%) and some here and there not covering their nose (other 10%). Besides that, it was business as usual with a lot less people flying.

Delta Airlines

I decided to fly Delta since they were still keeping the middle seat empty, which was very nice. FYI, Delta will be continuing to keep that one seat open until March 2021, while other airlines are back to booking at full capacity. In my opinion, Delta did a great job. They give you a plastic ziplock bag packed with a small water, cookies, sanitizer and sanitizer wipes to wipe down your area. Some passengers must not have been wearing their mask properly, because suddenly the pilot came over the loud speaker and gave a warning that if they did not put their mask on fully and for the whole flight they had no problem going back to the gate and letting them get off. Big applause to that pilot.

Arrival into CUN Airport, MX

Arrival into CUN airport was very quick and easy, since there was also a very small amount of people traveling. Mexico does not require a Covid test to be done prior to your arrival, making it more convenient to travel here. You DO need to fill out a travel form. You can do this prior to your departure and then print it out and show at the airport or if you forget, you can go off to the side and fill out on your phone. You will not be allowed to get your luggage unless this form is filled out. You can find the form here at Other than that, the airport was business as usual. Everyone was wearing a mask and there were sanitizer stations along the way to exit outside. Olmedo, my wonderful driver with Maritur DMC, met and picked me up at the exit, sprayed my luggage with sanitizer and once inside the vehicle there was water, sanitizer, gloves, a mask and sanitizer wipes all for me to take, if I wanted. The car looked like it was cleaned extremely well and I felt very comfortable riding in it.

12 site inspections, 4 overnights & a partridge in a pear tree…

Nizuc – 5*, Cancun area, Family Friendly and Adults Only Accommodations

Review: Nizuc, is in my opinion, laid back luxury in Cancun. Situated on a point with no other resorts on either side of them offers a very quiet and private experience and yet is only 10 minutes from the Cancun Airport, which is convenient. Imagine a kind, attentive staff that greets you, and each other, with their hand over their heart every time they pass by you. The grounds are beautiful, the pool looked like a perfect place to relax; nice beaches where even the wifi worked perfectly (this is important, at least it was for me), the food was great and we were even serenated by a fun mariachi band during dinner at Ramona’s. Eduardo, the chef at Ramona’s, is recognized as one of the best chef’s in Mexico! Entertainment, cigar rolling and even several celebrity citing’s were all going on while we were there. I really loved this resort and felt very comfortable.

Tip: Try the Baron Nizuc Margarita at Bar A-Kan! Yum and I’m not even a tequila gal. Also, definitely check out the paddle board yoga in the morning.

Covid Protocols: Their protocols were great. Each and every staff member was wearing a mask at all times. Upon entering the resort lobby there is a sanitizer station for your feet, sanitizer around the grounds and restaurants. The rooms are sanitized before a guest arrives and once sanitized no one is allowed to enter except the guests. The guests were not forced to wear masks, but please keep in mind that everything is open air here, so even in the lobby or walking within the resort is all open to fresh air. Nizuc has passed the government inspection to reopen.

*Virtuoso resort, which is a consortia that my agency is a part of. When you work with a Virtuoso advisor we can have included in your stay: complimentary breakfast for two, per day, per room; $100 hotel credit, per room; the Hydrotherapy experience is included; complimentary upgrade; priority early check in/late check out and complimentary wifi.

Le Blanc Cancun – 5*, All inclusive, Adults only, in the Hotel Zone area

Review: I was pleasantly surprised by this Five Diamond Awarded resort for the last 10 years in a row! They are also #2 Best All Inclusive in Mexico and #5 for Best All Inclusives in the World! Whoa, impressive. The resort was beautiful. Lot’s of space outdoors and in, so plenty of space for privacy and distancing, including three pool areas. When we were hanging out on the beach we couldn’t even tell that there was a resort on both sides of us. You can clearly see it’s a fun, upbeat environment, but not for partiers. I can’t say enough about this resort. Very classy and laid back. Great for honeymooners with the resorts honeymoon package and also wonderful to celebrate with a group or for a corporate retreat. And all guests have access to their sister properties, not too far away, but non Le Blanc hotel guests cannot come on property. You are within a 5 minute walk to wonderful restaurants and shops in the hotel zone and it is all very safe to walk around.

Tip: The hydrotherapy experience at this resort was the BEST out of all the resorts we visited, so I highly recommend trying it. Also, don’t forget to stop by the chocolate shop, K’akau, where they HAND PAINT each and every piece, as well as offer tea and coffee. They were delicious!

Covid protocols: Right from their beautiful, grand entrance you have sanitizer for your shoes, you’re given sanitizer for your hands and then handed a refreshing glass of coconut water. You’ll then go over to a check in desk, where they clean the desk and chairs right in front of you. Then, you are offered a warm neck-warmer while you check in. A perfect way to get your trip started. The resort takes 264 preventative actions for health and safety, including each person working must change their mask every 4 hours with a different color.

*For more of my recommendations and tips please email me.