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YWTco's 6 Must Have's When Traveling!

I've learned to travel smart and more safe over the years and here's how I do it.

I hope you can take some of this advice and apply it, so that it helps get you down to a carry on every time. I'm totally over checking a bag! May I add that I was not paid to make any of these recommendations. These are honest recs to make travel easier and safer for all.

  1. Don't leave home without your BELTEK Power Port. This power port works in 150 countries, so you never have to worry about being able to plus in when traveling internationally! It's sleek and easy to throw in your luggage and you won't regret it with the USB and plug ins it has! No, the company does not know I'm recommending, so I'm not being paid to write them in here.

2. You need a good, waterproof bag for your toiletries, makeup, lotions, etc... It keeps everything nice and neat and organized, which is key when traveling. I really like Cinda B's cosmetic bags. They're awesome and not expensive. She has created a cute tote looking one, as well as a stand up bag for taller items....genius! It's also stain resistant and I can throw it in wash. Since we're on Cinda B's products I would like to add another great travel hack if you bring your straightener or curling iron with you and that's their Flatiron Cover. The most amazing part about it is that it's heat resistant, so you don't have to stand around and wait for it to cool off before slipping the cover over it and packing it up! Saves time for sure!

3. If you love boating/yachting like I do, but can get a little seasick from time to time....let's be honest, it can get rough out there sometimes, then my recommendation is to use Reliefband. It really helps with motion sickness, so you don't get to that point of embarrassment from throwing up off the side of the boat. Don't go boating without it! I've seen a big increase in interest for yachting this past year due to it's natural social distancing and being outside and island hopping, so I would always recommend this to clients. It also helps with anxiety and air sickness too! Win win.

4. This was suggested to travel with and I never thought about it before, but makes perfect sense, as I always wondered how can I REALLY make sure that he room is clean? Well, this is how! Bring a travel UV sanitizing band with you. It has powerful Ultraviolet-C light to significantly reduce microscopic pathogens, so run over the bed sheets and everywhere else while you're traveling and feel a little safer. You can get this at Sharper Image. It's also light weight and easy to pack up.

I know there's many others out there to recommend, but I don't want this list to be too long. If you have a never travel without recommendation that easy to stuff in your carryon I would love to hear about it. Please email me at


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